Worn teeth

Have you noticed that your teeth are worn and flat?

Are your teeth affecting your smile?

Are you worried about how your smile will look in years to come?

The good news is that worn teeth are something that we commonly see and they can be treated.

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At Mi Dental Stony Stratford, we have a particular interest in the treatment of worn teeth.

Mitesh and Indra are postgraduate trained at two world-renowned academies, bringing comprehensive knowledge about the management and treatment of tooth wear and dental-related headaches.

Our team can guide you through our thorough rehabilitation programme:

  • Comprehensive records to understand the nature of your tooth wear/pain
  • Simulation using models of your teeth
  • 2D and 3D diagnostic treatment planning
  • Trial phase to ensure that the treatment will work for you
  • Rehabilitation to stop the wear and give you the smile that you have always desired!

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Worn teeth

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